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Discover prehistory, taste Périgord!


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The Dordogne, a cultural and culinary destination

The Dordogne is a beautiful cultural and culinary destination in the southwest of France. The Dordogne department is named after one of the longest rivers in France, La Dordogne, which is 490 km long. The river is now ideal for canoe or kayak trips or tours along the river by bicycle or car. If you are a walking enthusiast, the Puy de Sancy area is highly recommended. Here the river has its origin at an altitude of almost 1700 meters, originating from the rivers Dorde and Dogne.

Prehistory & Splendor

Holiday Périgord

The Dordogne, or the old province of Périgord, is an ideal holiday destination with many sights to see. The name Périgord is due to the Gallic tribe Petrocorii, Celtic for "four signs". During your holiday, visiting the four areas of the Périgord cannot be ruled out. The region is famous for the discovery of numerous caves with prehistoric art, but also for its regional products such as wines, truffles, walnuts and foie gras.

Green and historic

Périgord Vert

The green Périgord owes its name to the green landscape. This area receives relatively much precipitation, which is why it is so green. Part of Périgord Vert is located in the Périgord Limousin Natural Park, very popular among nature lovers. The town of Brantôme is definitely worth a visit. One of the most beautiful cities in the region with a history dating back to prehistoric times. Visit the city on a Friday morning and enjoy the large, famous market with numerous regional products.

Culture and gastronomy

Périgord Blanc

The white Périgord owes its name to the chalky soil and the local white stone. The capital of Dordogne, Périgueux, is also located in this area. This city was declared the city of art and history “ville d'art et d'histoire”. The old city center is impressive with its medieval streets and several city palaces. The Dordogne culture certainly includes foie gras. Foie gras is fatty liver from a goose or duck. Nowadays it has some opponents who stand up for the welfare of the animals. In addition to foie gras, Périgord Blanc has a gastronomic cultural tradition with seasonal harvest festivals, festivals and markets.

Prehistory, Splendor

Périgord Noir

The Black Périgord owes its name to the gloomy color of the vast dark oak forests and the truffle (the black gold). The medieval town of Sarlat is known as the most famous and beautiful part of the Dordogne. The region is considered the international center of prehistory. You can expect many tourists here because of the many castles and caves with prehistoric rock paintings. The most famous sights are the Lascaux II caves and the Grotte de Rouffignac.

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