Cubjac, the village on the river Auvézère

Cubjac is a picturesque town in Dordogne about 20 kilometers from Périgueux. Cubjac is a small authentic village with an old church, bakery, shop and a restaurant. The weekly traditional festival in the countryside is market day. The market day in Cubjac is on Friday, where you can enjoy the delicious regional products and conviviality.

Waterfalls, sights and relaxing nature

River Auvézère

Cubjac is located on the Auvézère river, which you also cross via the old bridge to enter the village. This river flows from the Corrèze department towards the Dordogne and joins the Isle river in Bassillac. Near Cujac is a place of interest called La Boissière-d'Ans. Here you can admire how the Blâme waterfalls meet the Auvézère. A walk or cycle in this area is wonderfully relaxing. You can also rent a canoe to sail on the river.

Medieval castle, tower of Vesunna

Sights Périgueux

Just half an hour's drive and you are in the capital of the Dordogne, Périgueux. A historic city with a medieval character. What is not to be missed for any tourist is the Gallo-Roman part of the city. See some remains of the 1st century amphitheater or the Château Barrière, the skeleton of a medieval castle with Gothic decorations built against parts of the Porte Normande fortress wall. The tower of the goddess Vesunna is also impressive and characteristic of the city. The tower was once the heart of the great temple that formed the center of Vesunna. In short, visiting Périgueux will be a true discovery for you.

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